Project data

  • Year
  • Tipology
    Domestic Furniture
  • Client
    B&B Italia Spa


A sculptural and unexpectedly powerful table produced in a limited and numbered edition of only 100 pieces, Blitz stands out for its flat, slim, geometric external frame, which finds its natural completion in the curved and sinuous shapes of the interior, revealing aesthetic and constructive solutions reminiscent of a suspension bridge. Bamboo was chosen for the frame due to its lightness and rapid growth, a wood here ennobled by fine solid wood processing.

It is an unusual choice for indoor use, but one that follows and relaunches the traditional quality of B&B Italia materials, at the service of an object reflecting a unique combination of design, engineering and high-quality cabinetmaking.

The surface pattern contrasts with the table’s interior in a soft black shellac effect finish. This solution generates intense visual effects, where curved shadows seem to float on flat surfaces. The top folds at the ends like origami, becoming a support that tapers and folds again in order to rest on the ground. Countless technological solutions guarantee extreme solidity, despite the apparent lightness.