Dining Table

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  • Year
  • Tipology
    Domestic furniture
  • Client
    Riva1920 Spa


“There is a hidden treasure submerged beneath the city of Venice, a treasure neglected by all the tourist guides of this unique city.

They are the “briccole”:  Big trunks lodged into the depths of Venice’s lagoon and canals, their tops bound together in groups of three.

These Briccole highlight the navigable depths to the many passing boats.

Briccole are genuine treasures because of the prestigious wood they are made from: European durmast – preferred to others for its resilience – trunks that, after a long time in the water, when they are replaced,  once removed they retain their integrity and can go on to be used elsewhere. They are used for the construction of a precious piece of furniture, combining the best of contemporary design and the exclusive charm of their unique history.

Bric is a dining table with a diameter of 160 cm, made out of the solid durmast, the top has a thickness of 5 cm, and is held in place by a connective disk that can be disassembled for transportation.

The top is supported by four legs; each of which is made from a single Briccola shaped as a spiral by a numeric controled machine.

The legs are monted open wide in order to provide stability, but more importantly to give an optical and emotional sense of balance”.