CAB 412/413

Universal side chair

Project data

  • Year
  • Tipology
    Domestic furniture
  • Client
    Cassina Spa
  • Awards
    MoMa, Permanent Design Collection, New York, – 1978 Popular Award of the Resources Council, Inc. (USA)


“Perhaps the most ancient item of structurally complex furniture is the chair. This may also be the reason why it is the one item whose essential image – four legs, seat and backrest – is the most deeply rooted in the collective memory.

With Cab I tried to design a chair the way it has always been, though in keeping with the approach described hitherto I also considered the chair as a prosthesis and extension of the body. The result is a load-bearing skeleton with its skin stretched over it to elastically accomodate the human body.”

– Mario Bellini