Project data

  • Year
  • Tipology
    Domestic furniture
  • Client
    OAK Industria Arredamenti Spa


“Canyon and Grand Canyon table” 

“Do you remember the mantra-precept of the last century, “form follows function”? These Canyon and Grand Canyon tables enhance their function with the pleasure of the form:
“function follows form” ………
Modeled in mirroring steel, it is a sculpture of light, reflections and shadows, on which a crystal pane is placed to form a table that – if placed flipped beside an another piece – gives rise to a large square table (Grand Canyon).
But the real surprise is that the double table “makes a crowd”: the mirroring steel doubles the images and the faces of those who sit around it.
An aesthetic experience.
Canyons and Grand Canyon: sculptured tables or table sculptures?

Mario Bellini