"CIT Turin"

A Sport Center redesigns an existing complex and represents the symbol of the recreation activity.

Project data

  • Status
  • Year
    2003 – 2007
  • Tipology
    Sport center
  • Location
    Turin, Italy  > map
  • Client
    City of Turin
  • Budget
    4,8 milion € (adjusted to 2013)
  • Total Area/Surface/Volume
    14.000 sq m
  • Awards
    International competition: winning project


The Sport Centre is located on the north side of the park and it is part of the Torino Cultural Centre project. The design of the new garden along the area of the pre-existing la Marmora barracks it is structural element of the general project, and together with the Library and the Sport Centre rebuild the urban contest connection in this part of the city.

The Sport Centre redesign an existing complex and will represent the symbol of the recreation activity inside the new garden, the shape of the building ironically remind to a mercantile navy.

The upper deck walkways leaned at the high of the tribune will serve as a crossing way through the complex  without interfere with the normal activity happening and together increase the possibility to experience the park view.

The navy shape building oriented toward the hart of the park along the east – west axis will solve the role of ordering and connecting element in addition to represent a new pathway toward the park. In the centre of the construction are located dressing and service rooms, at  the north side of them, the bigger football playground for eleven players at the south part other three playground respectively  for five and seven players. The west side is the principal entry to the building and starts from a little “sport square”, the office are place on the first floor upon the entry.

The east entry from the park will have a bar on the upper floor which will be use from the guests of the centre as well as the visitor from the park.


Design Team
Mario Bellini, Raffaele Cipolletta

Stefano Vinci, Paola Salvatores, Edoardo Germani, Marco Piccione, Luigi Vaciago

Alex Mercandelli, Giovanni Pigni, Alberto Meleri

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