Modular seat

Project data

  • Year
  • Tipology
    Domestic Furniture
  • Client
    B&B Italia Spa


The playful Gli Scacchi series – named after and inspired by the game of chess – is composed of three elements representing the Queen, the Knight and the Ruck. Light and easy to move just like on a chessboard, Gli Scacchi is based on an idea of living free from constraints.

The three elements create the shape of a parallelepiped through structures, made of soft polyurethane, that perfectly synchronise with the Camaleonda collection of seats. In the original 1971 version, Gli Scacchi represented a remarkable technical innovation as they were produced in self-skinning polyurethane foam, a solution which until then had only been used in the automotive industry.

The 2020 version offers soft Kanu or thick leather covers with visible stitching. The elegant metal profile of the base emphasises the geometry of the shapes, in contrast with the overall softness of the object.