Office chair

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    Office furniture
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    Vitra International AG


About the product HeadLine not only provides optimal support in the lumbar zone,
but also targets vulnerable areas that have previously been neglected – the shoulders, neck and head.
In this way, it fulfils the ergonomic requirements of modern office work. In an upright sitting position,
the head and spine are naturally balanced. But when the sitter leans back, most conventional office chairs
do not provide sufficient support, resulting in strain and tension in the neck and shoulders.

HeadLine solves this problem: the flexible, elongated backrest hangs from articulated joints at the support
points for the lower back and neck. In the upright position, primary support is given to the lumbar zone.
When the sitter leans back, the shoulders sink into the back panel and the upper backrest extension tilts
forward to support the head. This effectively prevents muscle strain in the neck and shoulder areas,
and the sitter’s viewpoint remains horizontally focused on the monitor in the reclined position rather than
shifting toward the ceiling.

HeadLine is complemented by the HeadLine Management Chair, a model for executive demands.

Designed with the collaboration of Claudio Bellini