Ki Chair, Sudoku Library and Kobra TV stand

Project data

  • Year
  • Tipology
    Domestic furniture
  • Client
    Horm Srl


“K” Collection
Kobra TV stand , Ki Chair and Sudoku Library

Even 10 years since the beginning of the collaboration between HORM.IT and Mario Bellini, the products designed by the great architect are showcased in the “K Collection”: a fun name that summarises the daily search for game and irony in the creative process.

The Kobra TV stand gets a new look with new material, further developing on the original idea of the designer. The combination of black chrome with port laurent marble or walnut enriches its versatility and is ideal as a product for enhancing the mood while lightening the environmental presence at the same time.
Structure: Black chrome. Plan: walnut | Port Laurant Marble

Three new finishes: natural oak, sap gum and eucalyptus. An expansion of theki chair range, precisely means wood in Japanese, because it is made of wood only. A 3.2 kg product with soft and sensual lines. The hand of Bellini combined with technological research of HORM.IT. This leads to the realisation that even the impossible sometimes becomes real.
Structure: Eucalyptus | natural oak | | sapgum

The evolution of a species: an apparently new product, that develops the 2 concepts that are the basis of the Sudoku library exponentially : The play of volumes and refractions, and the possibility of being able to approach the modules without doubling the thickness. The first version of this concept was expressed as a single locked item, but today the bases and tops have been replaced with modular units of 30, 60 or 90 cm, transforming Sudoku into a real pliable product.
Structure: blanched tree ash | moka ash | moka ash and aluminium mirror. Base: mocha