A competition by invitation for the new Milan Trade Fair.

Project data

  • Status
  • Year
  • Tipology
  • Location
    Rho Pero (MI), Italy
  • Client
    Ente Autonomo Fiera Internazionale di Milano
  • Budget
    750 million € (adjusted to 2013)
  • Total Area/Surface/Volume
    350.000 sq m
  • Awards
    International Competition. Honorable Mention


The Fiera di Milano decides to build a new fairgrounds outside the city.
Fiera Milano itself drafts a rigorous master plan characterised by a central route that connects a series of pavilions.

The “ends” of the route, the “east entrance” and the “west entrance” open to the infrastructures that connect to Milan and the surrounding area.

Starting from this fixed and untouchable layout, a guarantee of a very Milanese spirit of efficiency and economy, architects are called upon to “dress up” the spaces of thecentral route and that of the roofing of the pavilions.  Bellini proposes a very suggestive solution for the roofing: internal criss-crossing metal beams that seem to float on a continuous strip of fenestration. 

The same lightness can be found in the definition of the connecting route, organised onto two levels, and covered by structures of “sails” that unite a sequence of spaces and green areas, nature “enters” the fairgrounds, it crosses through it and invades thoroughly and convincingly the otherwise endlessly long route.

The architect dialogues with himself at a distance, with his previous work for the Fiera Milano, with his project for the city fairgrounds where a “tree-lined bastion of hornbeams” mediated between the building and the city, making the important volumes of the pavilions welcoming to the context.

Bellini’s project won for the architectonic quality.

– Ermanno Ranzani –



Mario Bellini Architects

Design Team
Mario Bellini. With Giovanni Cappelletti, Carlo Malnati and Loretto Buti

Project Team
Giovanni Cappelletti (project architect). With Maurizio Di Lauro, Leonardo Nava, Geovanna Maschio, Alessandro Zufferli

General Consultant:
Marek Nester Piotrowski
General Coordination:
Fiat Engineering S.p.a, Torino
3D Model and Immages:
Stack Studio, Siena
Luigi Morellato, Milano