Enlighten sofa

Project data

  • Year
  • Tipology
    Domestic furniture
  • Client
    Meritalia Spa


The name is Stardust, the first revolutionary product Mario Bellini signs for Meritalia. This project is dealing with a new family of bright furniture – pillows, pouff, chaise longue, armchairs, sofas – realized without cast with “poor” materials. The extraordinary idea was to make use of “ravioli made of air” similar to those normally used for packages, as stuffing, and a metallic netting made of thin inox wire, in practice transparent, as covering-case. These new furniture can be even used as big and comfortable lamps on which people can seat. Low consumer, low voltage and high performance leds. Moreover the Stardust system has other two qualities: weightlessness, because this armchair can be lifted with one hand only, and buoyancy, in case it is used in a swimming-pool or at the seaside.