An enclosure for meditation and contemplation during leisure time.

Project data

  • Status
  • Year
    1987 – 1991
  • Tipology
    Public space
  • Location
    Yokohama, Japan  > map
  • Client
    Nomura Real Estate Dev., Tokyo, Japan
  • Budget
    90 million € (adjusted to 2013)
  • Total Area/Surface/Volume
    230.000 sq m


Mario Bellini is charged with realising a sort of “commercial centre” to be built in the leftover open space located at the feet of three existing skyscrapers, containing offices.

The idea for the project is a terraced garden with a mirror of reflecting water in the centre, which solves the problem of connecting the three existing buildings. Under the terracing of the garden, distributed along concentric circular paths, we find the commercial spaces that are not visible from the outside.

The dominant space is the large open-air reflecting pool, defined by a wall set out by the sequences of doors that make it visible from an inner gallery. A set of steps in the front visually completes the new square.
The detachment created by the pool of water concretises the magical evocation of forms begun with the competition project for the Tokyo theatres.

(Ermanno Ranzani)


Design Team
Mario Bellini , Carlo Malnati, Antonio Esposito

Project management: Structural engineers: M&E services: YBP Design Room, Building contractors: Obayashi Co.